ITT 131: How to Build a Digital Product Empire with Amy Porterfield

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Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield went from working for Tony Robbins to now being the host of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast and the uber-successful creator of numerous courses on online marketing, list growth, and business development.

In this episode, Amy breaks down just how she built her very own digital product empire.

In this broadcast, Amy Porterfield and I talk about:

  • How Harley Davidson and Tony Robbins got Amy started down the path of becoming a social media marketing expert
  • The specific steps Amy took to completely shift her business from being a social media consultant to a full-time creator of digital products
  • What would Amy do differently if she could go back and start her business all over again?
  • What it takes on a daily basis for Amy to maintain her high level of sales
  • What two roles does Amy feel it’s important to hire someone for in the earlier stages of a business?
  • The role live workshops and videos should play in your online course creation process

And so much more.

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How to connect with Amy Porterfield online:

Great quote from Amy Porterfield:

"I wish I hired people sooner than I did b/c I thought I needed to do it all myself." - @AmyPorterfield

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