ITT 112: How to Run a Successful Travel Blog with Caz Makepeace

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Caz Makepeace is one-half of the successful y Travel Blog and she's here to explain how her blog has helped her family travel all over the world. We also discuss how she manages to balance a successful business with a full-time travel lifestyle.

In this broadcast, Caz Makepeace and I talk about:

  • What led Caz’s Australian family to the United States?
  • How Caz’s travel blog helps her family travel the world
  • Finding the balance between travel and business
  • The monetization strategy Caz regrets not doing earlier
  • How Caz maintains her audience’s trust while doing affiliate marketing
  • The largest source of Caz's current traffic
  • How competitive is the travel niche?
  • The story of how Caz’s travels earned her an invitation to the White House

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“I think a lot of people get stuck in growth because they can’t make a decision.” - @yTravelBlog

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