ITT 030: How to Triple Your Productivity with Charlie Gilkey

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charlie gilkey - ITT 030: How to Triple Your Productivity with Charlie Gilkey

Charlie Gilkey is the founder of Productive Flourishing, a company that helps professionals, leaders, and executives take action on the things that really matter through planning, productivity, and team development.

Charlie founded Productive Flourishing out of his own frustration with the conventional approach to productivity. Instead of complaining, Charlie took focused action to create a better solution, and now has a flourishing business of his own as a result.

In his own words:

Our livelihood depends upon the way we harness our creativity to make change happen in the world.

Charlie is also the author of The Small Business Lifecycle, a powerful, fluff-free book on growing your business from scratch.

In today's broadcast, we talk about:

  1. Charlie's background in the military (and how that influenced his perspective on productivity and business in general)
  2. The Small Business Lifecycle and why every entrepreneur should understand the stages of business development
  3. How Charlie built Productive Flourishing from scratch and his plans to grow the company into the future
  4. The 5 stages of the business lifecycle
  5. And much more...

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