ITT 158: Grow Your YouTube Channel to 1 Million Subscribers with Charlie Houpert

charlie houpert on in the trenches - ITT 158: Grow Your YouTube Channel to 1 Million Subscribers with Charlie Houpert

Charlie Houpert is the co-founder of Charisma on Command, an educational platform where he teaches people how to grow their confidence and charisma. His YouTube channel of the same name has over 1 million subscribers, and his videos routinely generate hundreds of thousands of views.

Charlie got his start online by building an education business focused on parkour. However, Charlie didn't get the traction he was looking for, so he shifted gears to a new interest: confidence. Charlie is a self-proclaimed introvert who struggled in social situations. He decided he would scratch his own itch, and began blogging on the topic of confidence, dating, leadership, and more. But it wasn't until Charlie started his YouTube channel that things really took off. In less than a year, Charisma on Command generated tens of thousands of subscribers and hundreds of thousand of views on some of his most watched videos. He has since scaled that to 1.5 million subscribers in less than 3 years.

My big takeaway from today's conversation: FORMAT is just as important as the content you want to share. This is specifically in reference to YouTube, but I think it applies to any sort of content creation or teaching. It applies to blogs, to podcasts, to video creation, and more. In a nutshell, if you want to break into a competitive market, it's not just about the content you create, or the value you add to someone's life - it's HOW you go about delivering the content that will determine whether people sit up and listen, or ignore you. So if you're looking to tap into a platform like YouTube, or you're just trying to figure out ways your podcast or blog or whatever can stand out, you need to listen to Charlie's advise on format.

In this broadcast, Charlie Houpert and I talk about:

  • How Charlie got his start online 
  • The 'systems' process Charlie uses to generate growth in any marketing channel he dives into
  • Why Charlie decided to experiment with YouTube, and how he got early viewers and subscriber
  • How Charlie was able to make money from building an audience before he ever had products to sell
  • How to determine if a marketing channel will work (and when to pull the plug)
  • Why Charlie rebranded to Charisma on Command (and how branding impacts your growth potential)
  • 3 things you MUST get right if you want to start a successful YouTube channel
  • A simple technique anyone can use to capitalize on mainstream trends (I love this idea and it's something I'm trying to figure out how to implement in my own business)
  • Why Charlie fired all his clients (and how he transitioned to selling infoproducts full-time)
  • How Charlie developed and launched his most profitable course ever (hint: if you don't do this, you're making a mistake)
  • What Charlie is doing now to expand his brand and grow sales, revenue, and profit via his YouTube channel

And much more...

In The Trenches with Tom Morkes on YouTube:

Charlie on the value of YouTube

"YouTube is a recommendation engine before it's a search engine. So when you're thinking about what sort of content to make, it must be something that is eminently clickable and should follow a trend...when you're just starting out, focus on trends."

Charlie Houpert

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