ITT 144: How to Grow a 7-Figure Online Education Business with Charlie Wallace

charlie wallace on in the trenches with tom morkes

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Charlie Wallace is the founder of, an online guitar lesson company that supplies online lessons to guitarists all over the world. Through, Charlie has helped tens of thousands of guitarist around the globe improve their guitar skills.

In this broadcast, Charlie Wallace and I talk about:

  • How Charlie got started playing guitar, and his transition into the business space of teaching guitar
  • Why Charlie focuses on value and member success first, before anything else
  • Why he doesn't use the word "customer"
  • How Charlie creates free resources that are so valuable he could charge for them, but doesn't (and the reason behind this strategy)
  • How Charlie runs more than 6-figures / month in paid ads to grow his business to multiple 7-figures a year

And much more.

How to connect with Charlie Wallace online:

Charlie Wallace on his "value first" philosophy:

“I changed my thinking from 'how can I make more money from these campaigns' to 'what is the thing I can do to add the most amount of value to someone's life today that will turn them into a lifelong member.”  - Charlie Wallace

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