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ITT 179 – How to Make 5-Figures Per Month Blogging in 2019 with Chelsea Clarke

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Chelsea Clark is a blog and marketing strategist. She also helps aspiring bloggers to start money-making blogs over at HerPaperRoute.com.

In today’s call, we talk about how Chelsea Clark started blogging and started monetizing her blog and manage to do it numerous times now by figuring out exactly what’s working in 2019.

My big takeaway from today’s conversation is that blogging still works, and affiliate marketing is still an effective way to monetize a blog. You’ll have to play the long game but it works.

In this broadcast, Chelsea and I talk about:

  • How Chelsea got started blogging
  • Why Chelsea uses Pinterest to drive traffic to her blog
  • How to integrate affiliate marketing into your blog
  • The importance of having multiple sources of income for your blog
  • What type of content produces the best results for your blog
  • How to use social media and email marketing to grow your blog
  • And more

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