ITT 108: How to Get More Work from Your Existing Clients with Christopher Hawkins

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Christopher Hawkins - ITT 108: How to Get More Work from Your Existing Clients with Christopher HawkinsChristopher Hawkins is the host of the $100K Freelancing podcast and he's helping service providers realize the power of selling to your existing and previous clients instead of focus on bringing in cold leads. He's written multiple books and will be launching a course around this topic later this year.

I loved this information packed interview so much, I actually had to stop and take notes in the middle of it because I knew I wanted to start implementing Christopher's advice immediately after our call.

In this broadcast, Christopher Hawkins and I talk about:

  • Why service providers should focus on getting more work from their existing clients
  • Christopher’s process for creating new opportunities with existing clients
  • The importance of human interaction in business
  • The best approach to get your previous clients on the phone
  • Christopher’s tactics for check-in calls with his previous clients
  • What is soft discovery and how can you utilize it

How to connect with Christopher Hawkins Online:

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“If you people who are already sold on you, sell to those people first.” - @chris_hawk

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