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ITT 177: Leveraging Meetup for Your Business with Connie Ward

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Connie Ward is career coach and counselor. After crashing and burning as a broker working in financial services, she decided to help people in a new way. This lead her to creating the “Passion And Purpose Mastermind” for people who are confused about their career path, wanting to start a business or those who are in business and want to help more people.
In particular, she is using Meetup as a marketing channel to help people grow their client-based businesses.

In today’s call, we focus on Connie’s 10 step strategy for client generation and precisely how to use Meetup.com to get clients consistently. I think this is a particularly interesting conversation because I’ve not seen anyone use Meetup.com the way Connie uses for lead generation.

In this broadcast, Connie and I talk about:

  • How Connie got to where she is today
  • Connie’s 10 Step client generation strategy
  • How to tap into Meetup.com to get new clients
  • What to say in one on one conversations to close a new client
  • How to turn your Meetup.com event into new clients (and future referral sources)
  • And much more.

How to Connect with Connie:

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