ITT 126: How to Create Your Sales Framework with Jim Brown

Jim Brown In The Trenches Tom Morkes

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Jim BrownJim Brown is the creator of SalesTuner and the host of the SalesTuner podcast. If you couldn't tell by the name of his business, he focuses on all things sales and helps his clients rethink the sales process so they can close the deals that bring the big bucks.

In this broadcast, Jim Brown and I talk about:

  • Jim’s framework for helping entrepreneurs get better at sales
  • Why you need to get an upfront agreement within the first few minutes of the first call with a potential client
  • Typical reasons prospects aren’t willing to give an upfront agreement and how Jim counters them
  • The importance of actively looking for the red flags at the beginning of a discovery call
  • How to frame your upfront agreement so you’re more likely to get a "yes"
  • The typical buyer’s process of lying, stealing, and hiding
  • How to get clients to pay you for a "paid discovery" session
  • The topics you should avoid during your discovery calls with potential clients

And so much more.

How to connect with Jim brown online:

Great quote from Jim Brown:

"I want to get to ‘no’ because the sooner I can get to ‘no’, the more people who’re going to say ‘yes’ I can talk to." - @jim_brown

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