ITT 152: Growing True Wealth with Damion Lupo

in the trenches with damion lupo - ITT 152: Growing True Wealth with Damion Lupo

Damion Lupo is the founder of Total Control Financial, a company with a mission to empower people to transform their financial future by taking control of their retirement funds. Many people treat their saving and investing as a side thought, storing their money in traditional 401k and IRA accounts. According to Damion, this is not the best way to save nor to grow your wealth. Instead, he recommends entrepreneurs in the United States who are serious about growing their wealth consider using a QRP. QRP stands for qualified retirement plan. A QRP is eligible to receive certain tax benefits that you can't get with a 401k or IRA, and allows you to invest your savings into everything from gold and silver, real estate, and more.

In today's conversation, not only do we talk about this subject, but wealth in general. One item that really stood out to me is how Damion is able to evaluate what someone values by looking at the 3 "C's":

  • Cash: what you're spending your money on - addictions, habits, etc.
  • Credit card: how you're trading away your future for stimulus today.
  • Calendar: how you're using (or squandering) your time.

We discuss this and much more.

In this broadcast, Damion Lupo and I talk about:

  • The difference between wealth and money
  • The blank slate principle
  • A single question to ask yourself to help you determine where you should invest your time and money
  • Why the 5 people you spend the most time with impact more than your wealth
  • How to improve your life (hint: it has nothing to do with doing more things...)
  • The 3 "C's" (cash, credit card, and calendar)
  • Why you should schedule 'untouchable days' on your calendar

And much more.

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