ITT 059: How to Develop the Entrepreneur's Heart with Dane Maxwell

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Dane Maxwell started his entrepreneurial journey about ten years ago at twenty-one after reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." After getting scammed buying and selling websites, Dane decided to start building his own business instead. Over the course of several years, Dane built multiple 6-figure software companies, and people began asking Dane to help teach them how to do it as well.

This led to the start of The Foundation, a training program and community that teaches entrepreneurs how to build software as a service (SaaS) businesses quickly and profitably. Through The Foundation, Dane takes entrepreneurs through the six phases of building a software business:

Phase 1: Acquire the mindset of an entrepreneur

Phase 2: Idea extraction

Phase 3: Sketching a solution

Phase 4: Pre-selling

Phase 5: Build the product

Phase 6: Grow

The Foundation has become one of the leading training programs for entrepreneurs starting software businesses. In fact, Dane has already generated over $5,000,000 in sales of The Foundation over the past three years, and the trend looks to continue as a new class just opened up for enrollment.

Dane Maxwell on building a successful company:

"The greater you niche down, the easier it is to sell stuff." [click to share]

Dane Maxwell on choosing your path in life:

"Wake up, take control of your life...and say I'm not going to let any external circumstance stop me." [click to share]

Dane Maxwell on business and life:

"Caring is very profitable." [click to share]

What Dane Maxwell and I talk about in this broadcast:

  • How Dane approaches his students and how that impacts his business
  • How critical it is to become an entrepreneur (now more than ever)
  • The importance of service and creating value
  • The importance of outsourcing to focus on your highest value activities (the stuff that actually moves the needle for your business and the stuff ONLY YOU can do)
  • How Dane plans to build a business that will address a greater pain point than the Foundation addresses

Where you can find Dane Maxwell:

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