ITT 082: Building a Location-Independent Business with Danny Flood

82 Danny Flood In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes

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Danny Flood is the founder of Open World Magazine and the author of multiple books, including ‘Buy Your Own Island’. He is also the host of the OpenWorld podcast. Danny has started three separate location-independent businesses that he successfully ran remotely from various corners of the globe.

In this broadcast, Danny Flood and I talk about:

  • His life as a nomadic minimalist.
  • His travels around the world and how he came to live in Bangkok.
  • How Danny went from running his own successful digital advertising agency to starting Open World Magazine.
  • How his book ‘Buy Your Own Island’ helps people face their fears and set their dream goals.
  • Danny tells us how he knew he needed world experience to be a successful writer and how he has gotten that experience.
  • He explains how being on multiple platforms has helped him find his ‘1000 True Fans’.
  • Danny talks about his choice to use a subscription based model to fund the magazine.
  • He discusses with us his goals for the year and how he plans to achieve those goals while traveling and living abroad.

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