ITT 038: How to Build a Platform with Darren Stehle

38 Darren Stehle In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes
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Headshot Huatulco - ITT 038: How to Build a Platform with Darren StehleDarren Stehle is the founder of, a website devoted to living a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating. He lives in Toronto, Canada, and has spent his entire adult life cooking healthy meals. He could have been a successful chef, but the stressful lifestyle wasn't worth it to him. So he started his own business and grew his own platform from scratch on his own term.

What Darren Stehle and I talk about in today's broadcast:

  • How Darren positioned himself and his business in the food/health industry
  • Why Darren moved from a static to a dynamic website
  • How Darren approached his niche to multiply his efforts
  • Darren’s process of reaching people with his message
  • The greatest struggle Darren had building his platform from scratch

Where you can find Darren Stehle online:

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