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ITT 094: How to Minimize Risks When Scaling Your Business with Dave Bayless

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Dave Bayless is a business midwife who works with technology startups and small consumer product firms. He helps them determine the best financing options for their businesses, as well as, helps them build scalable operations.

Dave walks business owners through what it looks like to go from six to seven figures, the concept of a cash flow cycle, and what happens when they start scaling their businesses.

In this broadcast, Dave Bayless and I talk about:

  • What is the valley effect and how does it relate to cash flow?
  • How profitable growth can kill a business
  • What to remember when you’re planning to scale your business
  • The value of understanding financial and accounting concepts
  • The #1 financial mistake entrepreneurs make

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“The cash cycle really impacts how quickly revenue and profit turn into cash.” – @wdbayless

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