ITT 228 - Inside SYSTEMology with David Jenyns

in the trenches 228 david jenyns - ITT 228 - Inside SYSTEMology with David Jenyns

David Jenyns is the author of SYSTEMology, host of the Business Systems Simplified podcast and a serial business owner. Recognised as a high achieving businessman, you will find many of his keynotes on YouTube.

In today’s episode, David and I discuss his proprietary 7-step process for systemizing your business. We break down the method for those looking to turn an early startup success into a repeatable process that can scale with you and your business. Because if you don’t have systems, you don’t have a business. Period. 

In this broadcast, David and I talk about:

  • How the renowned Michael Gerber changed David’s business adventure
  • The benefits of applying a systematic approach to starting a business
  • Why you need to consider working on projects for free 
  • Linearity of business growth and why is it important
  • Identifying and understanding the values of being a system thinker
  • Embracing systems and processes to systemize your business (even if you’re not tech savvy)
  • David’s go-to process for evaluating businesses and their systems
  • 10-15 must-have systems that move the needle in your business
  • David’s 7 steps to system optimization (have a pen and paper ready)
  • Changing the direction of your business with a 3-step 1-page outline
  • Hiring a systems process professional so that you can finally step out of your business
  • David’s best tip for increasing the value of your business

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