ITT 225 - Leading with Style with David McKnight

in the trenches 225 david mcknight - ITT 225 - Leading with Style with David McKnight

David McKnight is the founder of McKnight Image Lab and the author of The Zen Executive Presence. He is an image consultant and professional coach who specializes in helping ambitious and busy professionals craft and leverage their personal image and brand to generate wealth, success and confidence.

In today’s broadcast, David and I discuss where style and leadership intersect and how to leverage your appearance and presence to get promotions, grow your business, and be more confident in social settings.

In this broadcast, David and I talk about:

  • David’s incredible journey from stylist to consultant
  • Using your appearance to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • The importance of using your image and style intentionally to signal confidence, credibility and capability
  • The four aspects of your clothing that you need to be aware of
  • What is the most powerful item you can have in your wardrobe
  • Understanding and implementing David’s “Triangle of Power”
  • David’s explanation of the four pillars of Executive Presence
  • Why you need to be aware of others perceptions of you
  • David’s best tips on how to exude confidence while on video or audio calls
  • The one item you should invest in for high-quality video calls
  • What is the fastest and easiest way to establish a personal brand

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