ITT 133: How to Have Difficult Conversations with Marcia Reynolds

Marcia Reynolds In The Trenches Tom Morkes

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Marcia Reynolds is the author of The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations Into Breakthroughs and, in this episode, we do a deep dive into exactly how to have these kinds of conversations and why this is so important to master if you're a leader or coach.

In this broadcast, Marcia Reynolds and I talk about:

  • Way Marcia feels her book is so important for the leadership and coaching industries
  • The most common examples of difficult conversations an employer might have
  • Three strategies for creating psychological safety in a difficult conversation
  • The importance of setting intentions before having a difficult conversation
  • Why you need to believe in the potential of the person you’re speaking with
  • What to do if you don’t believe in the potential of the person you’re speaking with
  • Are there certain words or emotions that create a physiological result in the body?
  • Why having an attitude of curiosity can sometimes be the best approach

And so much more.

How to connect with Marcia Reynolds online:

Great quote from Marcia Reynolds:

"You have to look at your beliefs and assumptions. You can’t go in believing the worst." - @MarciaReynolds

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