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ITT 049: How to Create a Movement Using Creative Projects with Elena Kazakova

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49 Elena Kazakova In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes
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_JOS2558Elena Kazakova is a professional photographer and founded of Between Contrast. She was born in Russia and has lived all over the world, including South Korea and most recently the United States to pursue her dream work as a photographer.

We explore what it’s like to be a professional photographer and the projects that she’s taking part in (and why they matter).

What Elena and I talk about in this broadcast:

  • How Elena got started with photography
  • What Between Contrasts is all about and why it matters
  • What impact Elena wants to make through her photography
  • The most difficult part of her photography (and the most rewarding part of her work)
  • How Elena is combining art and business to spread an important message

How to connect with Elena online:

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