ITT 154: Getting Your First Freelance Client with Eric Bakey

Eric Bakey on In The Trenches with Tom Morkes

Eric Bakey is a direct response copywriter and conversion copywriter who uses visuals in cartoons to communicate direct response marketing strategies for small business owners. He helps bridge the gap between strategy and results. In today's conversation we talk a little bit about direct response copywriting, but where we really dig in is how Eric made the transition from being an Army veteran to the world of self employment business owner.

Among the many things I found interesting in today’s conversation was how Eric generated his first few high paying clients. The first thing he did was create a list of his top 100 potential best clients. Next, he sent each of them a handwritten letter explaining what he loved about the work they were doing, and how he could be of value to them. He ended up booking out his entire calendar with new clients.

So we dig into that and so much more into today’s conversation.

In this broadcast, Eric Bakey and I talk about:

  • The secret to effective direct response copywriting
  • How to use direct response copywriting to gain new clients in any industry
  • The 5 step process Eric used to get his first paying gig as a freelancer
  • Eric’s transition from the Army to full-time entrepreneur
  • How Eric is scaling his business by moving into strategic advisory services
  • What you can do to move from implementation work to high level consulting
  • How to develop scalable systems and processes for your small business

And much more.

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