ITT 196 - Lifestyle Design with Beardbrand Founder Eric Bandholz

in the trenches EP 196 - ITT 196 - Lifestyle Design with Beardbrand Founder Eric Bandholz

Eric Bandholz is the founder of Beardbrand and the first ever urban beardsman. He is passionate about changing the way society views beards and seeks to help men find ways to keep on growing epic beards and become better men. He currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife, daughter and dog.

Today's convo is a bit different because I sit down with Eric Bandholz to discuss lifestyle design. While you may have heard of Eric or Beardbrand from his appearance on Shark Tank, he did not walk away from the Sharks with an investment…

And that is something I wanted to talk to Eric about, because I believe it's a remarkable example of self-made success. Eric bootstrapped Beardbrand from scratch and believed in it so deeply that he never gave up, even when he went through some dips.

His hard work and dedication demonstrate that the best way to build a business you care about is slow and steady. And on top of that, even though Eric has grown his brand to a thriving, successful multi-million dollar enterprise, he is still able to live a life that he loves to live.

In this broadcast, Eric and I talk about:

  • How did Eric Bandholz begin his entrepreneurial journey
  • In what ways did Eric prepare for his time on Shark Tank
  • What was Eric’s experience as a contestant on Shark Tank
  • What prompted Eric to apply to be a contestant on Shark Tank
  • Did Eric’s appearance on Shark Tank lead to investors
  • Why did Beardbrand choose to stop selling on Amazon
  • What were the reasons behind why Beardbrand moved away from the European market
  • How does Eric set priorities for his business and his personal life 
  • Why you should focus on your health and wellness (and not just your business financials)
  • In what ways does Eric maintain his health while being an entrepreneur
  • How does Eric build his own spiritualism
  • What is Eric’s Triangle of Success
  • Why does Eric rank his wife as the highest priority in his personal life
  • How setting priorities helped Eric finance his business 
  • Why the long-term vision of your business is one of the most important visions to have
  • Why maintaining focus on your goals for your brand is important
  • And much more...

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