ITT 096: How to Overcome Destroyers of Wealth with Garrett Gunderson

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Garret Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson is the Chief Wealth Architect at Wealth Factory and the author of the NY Times best-seller, Killing Sacred Cows. Wealth Factory helps entrepreneurs optimize cash flow, streamline their finances and keep more of their hard-earned money so they can make more powerful investments in their best wealth creator: their business.

In this broadcast, Garrett Gunderson and I talk about:

  • Garrett’s four types of expenses
  • The true definition of debt
  • The importance of mental and relationship capital
  • How budgeting destroys wealth
  • How Garrett uses his multiple business entities to his advantage
  • Why Garrett charges $1,000 for his book and how you can get a free copy

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“The rule is, you pay cash for lifestyle expenses. Never borrow to consume.” - @wealthfactory_

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