ITT 051: How to Turn Your Passion Into a Business with Gary Auerbach

51 Gary Auerbach In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes

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Gary Auerbach is the winner of the World Freestyle Frisbee Championship in Jacksonville, FL. Gary started playing with a Frisbee at age 11 during summer camp and became immediately hooked. Eventually, this led him to compete all over the world. After winning the The World Freestyle Frisbee Championship, Gary has turned his hobby into a full fledged business, which inspires and teaches people everywhere to pursue their dreams. According to Gary (and I agree): the sky's the limit.

What Gary Auerbach and I talk about in today's broadcast:

  • How Gary leveraged his position to connect with  schools
  • How Gary grew his TV exposure during the early years
  • How Gary diversified and pivoted his business
  • The ways that he is improving his marketing

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