ITT 125: How to Grow Your Own Coaching Business with Jessica Sweet

Jessica Sweet In The Trenches Tom Morkes

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Jessica SweetJessica Sweet loved her job as a social worker but, after having her first child and realizing how expensive daycare is, she decided to make a change.

With no direct coaching experience, she started her own coaching business in 2008 so she could be home with her kids and, in this episode, we talk about that journey and how she continues to grow her coaching business to this day.

In this broadcast, Jessica Sweet and I talk about:

  • Why Jessica left a job she loved
  • How Jessica entered the coaching space with no previous coaching experience
  • The first steps Jessica took when she started her coaching business
  • How Jessica grew her coaching business with two young children at home
  • The strategies and techniques Jessica uses to grow her coaching business today
  • The importance of networking, collaboration, and referrals
  • The different between being a consultant and being a coach
  • How Jessica sells her coaching services to people who are leery of coaches in general
  • How Jessica prioritizes and manages all aspects of her business as a solopreneur

How to connect with Jessica Sweet online:

Great quote from Jessica Sweet:

"Offline is the new online in some ways." - @WishingwellGift

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