ITT 070: How to Prosper as a Writer with Honoree Corder

70 Honoree Corder In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes

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Honoree Corder is the author of "Prosperity for Writers." She has been a successful entrepreneur for almost twenty years, earning her first fortune and developing a lot of her skills with Shaklee Corporation, then as a business coach, and now as a successful author, executive coach, keynote speaker and corporate trainer.

In this broadcast, Honoree and I talk about:

  • Why Honoree wrote her first book
  • How Honoree received a traditional publishing deal for her first book but turned the deal down
  • Her process to become a successful self-published author, including hiring a professional editor and graphic designer
  • How her first book gained traction slowly
  • How she has successfully used “white labeling” to sell books in bulk
  • Honoree's favorite marketing strategies including:
    • Thinking of a book as “ever-green” marketing
    • Asking the important question: "Who would benefit by sharing the content that I have created?"
  • Strategies and techniques that she has used  to sell books
  • Why developing strategic partnerships with other professionals who can refer clients to you is so important
  • The process she went through to write her latest book, what the reception to that book has been, and how she determined how to price that book

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Honoree Corder's advice to people who want to succeed as a self-publisher:

"Be in it for the long game, there are no overnight successes."

"Keep writing every day."

"Be willing to put in the time it takes to be successful."

How to find Honoree online:

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