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ITT 137: How to Create an Irresistible Offer with Dan Kuschell

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Dan Kuschell In The Trenches Tom Morkes

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Dan Kuschell

Dan Kuschell is a father, thought leader, humanitarian, angel investor, and serial entrepreneur. He currently coaches other entrepreneurs and business owners to help them grow and scale their companies.

In today’s episode, we talk about how Dan first excelled in direct response marketing, how can we use those same tactics today to create an irresistible offer, how Dan actually structured his pricing for leads to make it a win win for him and the companies that were buying those leads, and why being good has nothing to do with how you get paid but messaging is key.

In this broadcast, Dan Kuschell and I talk about:

  • How Dan got into direct response marketing in the 1980’s
  • Why Dan feels it’s more important to focus on your messaging than it is to focus on being good at what you do
  • The main reason some of Dan’s businesses failed while others flourished
  • The criteria Dan used when deciding which clients to take on
  • Why you need a unique and irresistible offer
  • How Dan conducts market research for business
  • The importance of knowing the skills of those in your genius network and utilizing them

And so much more.

How to connect with Dan Kuschell online:

Great quote from Dan Kuschell:

“It’s really not a ‘what’ and a ‘how’ in business. It’s more of a ‘why’ and a ‘who’.” – @dan_kuschell

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