ITT 138: How to Dominate the Self-Publishing Space with Derek Doepker

Derek Doepker In The Trenches Tom Morkes

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Derek Doepker

Derek Doepker is an author, speaker, trainer, coach, and dominator in the self-publishing space.

In this episode, we mostly focus on how he stumbled into self-publishing, why he continues to work on new projects even though he could live off his earnings from self-publishing, why it’s so important to be clear in your writing rather than clever, and much more!

In this broadcast, Derek Doepker and I talk about:

  • How Derek first got into writing and self-publishing
  • Why Derek considers his first few books a success even though they didn’t sell well at first
  • How to determine whether the market is ready for the book you want to write
  • Derek’s advice for becoming an innovator in your niche
  • How Derek diversifies his income streams without spreading himself too thin
  • The importance of using templates and processes to expedite the work you do
  • Why you should create courses instead of standard operating procedures
  • Why you need to embrace the fact that most businesses fail

And so much more.

How to connect with Derek Doepker online:

Great quote from Derek Doepker :

"Imitation plus creation equals innovation." - @ExcuseProof

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