ITT 211 - Behind The Scenes of Building a 4-Hour Workweek Business with Jake Jorgovan

in the trenches EP 211 - ITT 211 - Behind The Scenes of Building a 4-Hour Workweek Business with Jake Jorgovan

Jake Jorgovan is the founder of Lead Cookie, Outbound Creative, and Content Allies. Prior to starting Outbound Creative, Jake ran business development for a video production agency and won the business of multiple Fortune 500 clients and A-List touring artists. Since leaving that agency, he has been working with other companies to help them win their dream clients. Jake doesn’t have an office and he doesn’t meet his clients in person. Instead, he works remotely and travels all over the world.

Today I sit down with Jake to talk about his 4-hour workweek. We took this angle because of how interesting it is to be able to organize your business and your work into your life in only four hours. My big takeaway from this chat is that no matter where you’re at, no matter how tough it's been, no matter how many hits you've taken, no matter if you're in the trenches and you're still slogging it out, or if you're trying to hustle through it - whatever your goal is, you can definitely achieve it.

In this broadcast, Jake and I talk about:

  • What is Lead Cookie, how does it work and what is it’s genesis
  • What were the critical things Jake did when getting his business started
  • How did Jake try and fail for thirteen years before achieving success
  • Why is it helpful to have someone level you up and steer you in the right direction
  • When and who did Jake first hire to help within his business
  • What did Jake pull the trigger on too soon when starting his business
  • What was the before and after process of handing off his sales department
  • Why you need to prepare for mistakes along the entrepreneurial journey
  • How did Jake know it was okay to step away from his business to only work 4 hours a week
  • What are some of the other avenues of growth he can see with his business
  • Why does Jake want to diversify his risk
  • Where is Jake at with his newest venture Content Allies
  • Is there someone that runs everything in Jake’s business where he only works 4 hours per week
  • Who manages Jake’s sales process and where is their time and energy focused

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