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ITT 163: How to Scale by Solving Bigger Problems with Jeff Cohen

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Today, I am joined by Jeff Cohen, a Senior Executive from Seller Labs. Jeff specializes in helping sellers win at Amazon every day with his wide array of software tools. Seller Labs was featured on INC 500 Fastest growing companies, and it continues to grow each day which means Jeff is continuously finding ways to adapt and scale Seller Labs.

In this episode, Jeff and I talk about the intricacies of scaling a business and how to invest your time so that it adds value for the business. As the business grows and evolves, the business faces different problems which require new solutions. Jeff shares how he has adapted and scaled Seller Labs business while imparting with us some of his best practices.

In this broadcast, Jeff and I talk about:

  • Why Seller Labs was recognized on INC´s 500 list
  • How businesses qualify for INC´s list
  • What Seller Labs has done to evolve from 2012 to present day
  • How Seller Labs uses the market to test the popularity of their new software apps
  • Why time and place were important factors when developing Seller Labs
  • How Seller Labs monetizes four tools currently in the amazon ecosystem
  • Why pivoting your product is more important than launching it
  • How to use principles in decision making
  • A simple way to focus your time to make the biggest impact in your business
  • Why you must adapt your metrics as your company grows
  • Why looking at your ROI is an important metric to decide where you should invest your time as your business evolves and grows
  • Why your strategy as a big company is not going to be the same when you were once a small company
  • Why change has to occur for the business to grow
  • Why we have to be ok with great employees finding jobs at other companies
  • Why building a company that is attached to another company’s success can be intimidating
  • Why it is important to focus your time in areas that will add value for your company
  • How new problems have new solutions
  • How attacking the problem in a different way can allow you to scale

And much more…

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