ITT 216 - How to Grow a Profitable Membership Site with Jen Lehner

in the trenches 216 jen lehner - ITT 216 - How to Grow a Profitable Membership Site with Jen Lehner

Jennifer Lehner is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Cleveland State University. She shows entrepreneurs how to build an audience and monetize their expertise online using social media and digital tools. She creates online courses and trainings, while also speaking at businesses and universities about the fast-changing world of digital media and how important it is to know exactly how to use these new tools to differentiate yourself, to tell your story and take control of your future.

On this week’s episode, I’m sitting down with Jennifer Lerner to discuss how to start and grow a profitable recurring revenue membership site. But that’s not all we discuss! We also dive deep into membership sites, including why membership sites are all about the experience, how to grow a membership site that requires minimal content creation, what content to restrict and what to share, how to use events to reward existing members while generating new paid membership signups and so much more.

Typically I would highlight one of my biggest takeaways for the episode, but it’s kind of hard to do today because the whole episode is very solid! So if you want to launch, grow or run a recurring revenue membership site, then I think all the different components of what you’ll hear today will be worthwhile to you.

In this broadcast, Jen and I talk about:

  • What led Jen to creating her first membership site
  • What was Jen’s original strategy when deciding what content to put together for her membership
  • When did Jen start blogging and creating content
  • How did Jen spin her lack of content into a positive
  • How to know if you should have a monthly or yearly membership
  • Should entrepreneurs gravitate towards creating experience and if so, how can they do this
  • How can you generate new leads for your membership
  • Why does Jen never do free trials
  • Could someone run a membership site as a side hustle
  • How can you ensure your other products aren’t being cannibalized by your membership
  • Why you need to make sure your membership is promoted everywhere

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