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Change Your Diet - Change Your Life

Today’s guest is Jennifer Blanchard – a writer, creative wellness and writing coach, and all around creative entrepreneur.

Jennifer helps entrepreneurs take their books from idea to draft, so they can grow their audience and propel their business to the next level, without fear, distractions or disorganization.  She does this through a focus on creative wellness (how food, fitness and health affects our creativity).

Currently, Jennifer is in the process of consolidating her many websites online into one resource, which you can find at

She has an eBook coming out at the end of September called Creative On Command: Instant Inspiration Exactly When You Need it, which is all about how health affects creativity.

If you’ve ever suffered from lack of motivation or creativity, definitely check out Jennifer’s website and pick up her new book when it's released.

What We Talk About

  • How Jennifer found her way as a writer, entrepreneur and coach
  • Why she decided to combine health and creativity into her coaching business
  • How health and fitness affects your creativity (and steps you can take today to start living a healthier, more creative life)
  • Why everyone is creative - they just need to nourish it
  • How to become a successful writer
  • The power of sitting down to write every day
  • How to become more creative through a practice and healthy living

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Cool Quotes from the Interview:

"Everybody has innate creativity - we were born with it."

"Anything you can do that is creative - just do it because that is going to help you get better."

Where You Can Find Jennifer Blanchard Online:



Additional Show Notes:

Butt In Chair

Pen Name: How to Create Yours

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