ITT 205 - 6-Figure Affiliate Marketing Strategies with Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton is the co-creator of Screw the Nine to Five with her husband, Josh Stanton. Jill and her husband are obsessive world travellers (with their little guy, Kai), say-it-like-it-is podcast hosts, lovers of quality of red wine and hell-bent on helping transform unsatisfied employees into dangerously-successful entrepreneurs!

In today’s conversation, we discuss how Jill has grown her blog to multiple six figures by selling affiliate products. We also dive into what makes a successful affiliate marketing program, how to niche down effectively and what is working and what’s not working in the digital marketing space right now.

My big takeaway from this episode is that affiliate income can be simple, easy and fun to earn, and it’s particularly suited for those people who want to focus on content creation and teaching first. If you’re already creating content and teaching and sharing great information, then you should also be leveraging affiliate or affiliate products. Because if you’re not, then you’re leaving money on the table. 

Take some notes and consider how you might be able to implement or integrate affiliate marketing into what you’re already doing.

In this broadcast, Jill and I talk about:

  • How did Jill and her husband begin their blog
  • Why should you stick to what you know first when blogging
  • What were some of the obstacles Jill and her husband faced while establishing their platform
  • How important are free Facebook Groups to grow your audience
  • What is the importance of receiving feedback from your audience
  • What are the benefits of niching down versus creating a broad platform
  • How and why did Jill and her husband shut down their membership site
  • What are the best strategies for those entering the affiliate marketing space
  • Why you are leaving money on the table if you are not incorporating affiliate marketing in your business
  • Why attention and trust are critical for those pursuing affiliate marketing
  • How to niche down and offer services to the right audience
  • Where does Jill view the future of Screw the Nine to Five going

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