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Getting Paid to Be You

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The majority of people go to work begrudgingly - grinding away to make ends meet.

What if it didn't have to be that way?

What if, instead of sucking it up, putting your head down and getting to work, you could wake up brilliantly excited every day to do work you love?

This isn't a fairy tale - it's possible - and Jonathan Mead proves it.

And now he helps others do the same.

About Jonathan Mead

Jonathan is a lifelong learner, troublemaker and entrepreneur.

Doesn’t seem like your conventional mix of attributes and it isn't - but it makes Jonathan (and the businesses he’s created) stand out from the pack.

Jonathan got his start online with a simple blog.

After several years, Jonathan grew that simple blog into a 6 figure business through coaching and digital products designed to help people live and work on their own terms.  It’s called Paid to Exist and the name fits.

One of Paid to Exist's premiere products, Trailblazer, actually helped me get my blog off the ground.

Without Trailblazer, I may never have put this website together, written The Art of Instigating or 2 Days With Seth Godin, created my podcast 'In the Trenches' or developed the other products and content I've created here on

Jonathan's Excellent Trailblazer Program:

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The point is this: Jonathan is good at what he does.

You can learn a lot from all the products and content Jonathan creates at Paid to Exist, and if you're curious how he does it, today's broadcast is a must listen.

What We Talk About in Today’s Broadcast:

  • How he started his online empire and how you can do the same
  • How Jonathan’s blog and website evolved over time (aka: the power of not being sure but starting anyway)
  • The power of planting and cultivating a seed (hint: it creates EMPIRES)
  • How Jonathan transitioned from a full time job to full time online entrepreneurship (aspiring entrepreneurs – take notes!)
  • Tips and techniques to living and working on your own terms
  • What fuels Jonathan’s creative juices and how he creates remarkable products
  • The most difficult sticking points to deal with after years of growth and how to overcome them
  • Why you can’t lose your adventurous mindset (or your hustle) if you want to succeed
  • Why every entrepreneur needs to be honest with himself
  • How to develop your no end path, create a business that feeds your lifestyle, and live the life that only you can live

Quotes to Live By:

It has to start with: can I pour my whole self into this whether or not it succeeds. |tweet|

Whenever I have uncertainty or fear, my immediate response is to hustle like a madman. |tweet|

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Show Notes:


Paid to Exist

Job Escape Kit

Connect with Jonathan:



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