ITT 230 - Pay What you Want Pricing with Justin Brooke

in the trenches 230 justin brooke - ITT 230 - Pay What you Want Pricing with Justin Brooke

Justin Brooks is the founder of, the world's largest online school for digital advertising. His company teaches advertisers how to install proven campaign frameworks and training the next generation of media buyers and connecting them with great clients or jobs.

Today, we’re gonna dive into his experiments and forays into “pay what you want” pricing, what he loves about it, what has worked well, and also what hasn’t.

In this broadcast, Justin and I talk about:

  • Justin’s company AdSkills and how long he’s been in the business of selling courses
  • What payment model he prefers to use when delivering his services
  • Justin’s foray into “pay what you want” pricing
  • How the “pay what you want” pricing model surpassed “free plus shipping” in a split test and what happened when he introduced “bump selling”
  • Some of his other findings from the split test experiments
  • How he utilized “pay what you want” to boost sales and draw in customers at a coffee shop meetup
  • What is Justin’s philosophy behind which product to offer as “pay what you want”
  • “Pay what you want” as a way to acquire great testimonials and happy customers
  • Ways to incentivize a higher contribution when using a “pay what you want” model
  • How “pay what you want” changed Justin’s life and business 
  • Some things he wishes he knew before he started using this pricing model and the biggest surprises he encountered while using it

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