ITT 116: How to Be a Great Leader with Kevin Waldron

116 Kevin Waldron In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes

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Kevin WaldronKevin Waldron is the Founder of Waldron Leadership and is also responsible for growing a brick and mortar business to over 200 employees and $24 million in sales. I've been fortunate enough to spend some time with Kevin in person and can say that he's changed my perception of what a great leader is.

In this broadcast, Kevin Waldron and I talk about:

  • How most people view the term “leader”
  • Why business advice today is like a quiz in Cosmopolitan magazine
  • The importance of being able to effectively communicate with the people you’re leading
  • Why entrepreneurs need to be able to lead themselves
  • Finding the balance between planning and taking action
  • How knowing your limitations and weaknesses will make you a better entrepreneur
  • Why you should ignore anyone who’s selling effortless results
  • Why you need to be actively moving towards discomfort
  • How multitasking is actually hurting you

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“Without intention you can’t effectively place your attention”

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