ITT 081: How to Rapidly Qualify Lucrative Clients with Kurt Elster

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Kurt Elster is the founder of Ethercycle. He has an MBA as a Senior E-commerce Consultant who helps Shopify owners uncover hidden profits in their website.  Kurt got his start in business as a product manager for a company that drop shipped car parts, however he knew he wanted to be in business for himself.  He started his own agency that offered a broad range of services before niching down and driving his income up.

In this broadcast, Kurt Elster and I talk about:

  • How he made the decision to niche down and only work on Shopify websites.
  • Why it is it that ‘The smaller the niche, the smaller the audience, the easier it is to sell, the more you look like an expert’.
  • How niching down can radically increase the effectiveness of your marketing.
  • His choice to do the work that gives joy.
  • The value of word of mouth and getting the most out of that by, first, giving people the best possible experience, and second, doing everything you can to keep yourself top of mind.
  • Remembering that everything comes down to relationships. Your website should reflect that.
  • How he qualifies clients based on the size of their team.
  • How Kurt uses tools like Clarity Calls to decide which clients would be a good fit.

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