ITT 041: How to Harness Your Story to Publish Books with Dr. Lee Warren

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LeeWarren17CR-e1405623919885Dr. Lee Warren is the author of No Place to Hide, a memoir recounting his experience as a military brain surgeon in a combat zone.

Dr. Warren went to medical school on scholarship from the Air Force. Just after finishing school, he joined active duty in August 2001. He deployed immediately after. Later, in 2005, he was deployed again to Iraq, this time to the busiest theater hospital in the country. Because this was one of the most heavily attacked base, he saw a high volume of patients. After getting home from Iraq, Dr. Warren struggled reintegrating. He admits that for five years he battled with PTSD, until finally embracing writing as his outlet out of the darkness.

What Dr. Lee Warren and I discuss in today's broadcast:

  • How writing created a path for Dr. Warren to deal with his struggles
  • How Dr. Warren was able to go from writing about his experiences for family, to self-publishing, to landing a lucrative traditional publishing deal
  • How much impact publishing through a traditional publisher had on the book and its reception
  • Whether new authors should self-publish or go the traditional publishing route (Dr. Warren has done both)
  • How Dr. Warren has been able to expand speaking and media engagements
  • The process Dr. Warren went through going from non-fiction to fiction

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