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ITT 195 – Ramp Up Your Reading Comprehension with Mani Vaya

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Mani Vaya is the founder of 2000 Books. He is a Physicist and Electrical and Computer Engineer. Mani spent 13 years in the tech industry rising up the ranks to manage billion dollar cellphone projects at a Fortune 500 company. However, he realized that ambitious entrepreneurs must read often and constantly feed their minds with great ideas. Thus, 2000 Books was founded.

Today, I’m sitting down with Mani Vaya who bootstrapped his company after leaving the corporate sector. He has been able to grow 2000 Books into a profitable and cash flowing business. In today’s conversation, we talk about how he took his simple concept and executed it very well. My biggest takeaway is why we must focus more on reading and reading comprehension in the sense of understanding the value of reading books and how to read books more effectively. So give this episode a listen, take some notes, and then try out the methods we discuss.

In this broadcast, Mani and I talk about:

  • What inspired Mani’s business 2000 Books
  • How did Mani’s business vision pivot in the early stages
  • Does Mani run into any legal issues when selling summaries of their books
  • What is Mani’s process in getting permission to use an author’s work
  • In what ways does Mani choose which books he offers through his company
  • How does Mani summarize a book and what is his investment personally
  • How can someone get the most value out of a book for maximum learning
  • Roughly how much time does it take to get a good understanding of what a book is about
  • What is the different between speed reading and actually comprehending what you’re reading
  • What triggers can you look for when reading paragraphs
  • Why reading thoroughly helps you understand and remember ideas more clearly
  • Can you still get value from a book if you do a speed read of it
  • Why you should only speed read some parts of a book, not all of it
  • What are the different levels or phases of reading
  • Why you must think about what you’re trying to extract from the book you’re reading
  • How can you make the most of audio books
  • What note-taking software does Mani use to take notes while reading
  • Are summaries useful

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