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mark-hayesMark Hayes is the founder of Rocketshp, a digital marketing agency in Auckland, New Zealand, and co-author of The Growth Hackers Guide to the Galaxy (Insurgent Publishing). Mark began his career as a successful business development manager at a large corporation in New Zealand, a more traditional “suit” job at which he was good but wasn't passionate.  Because of this, Mark shifted his focus, deciding instead to pursue a career in the marketing industry, working as a brand manager and content strategist for digital marketing companies.  After gaining knowledge and experience in the digital marketing industry, Mark discovered the concept of growth hacking and decided to move in that direction.

Mark developed a web presence and began blogging to build an audience, and eventually started his own agency.   Not long after its successful launch, the agency was acquired by another digital marking agency, providing Mark with another opportunity to build a new business – Tiger, Tiger – which was later rebranded as Rocketshp.  Mark has been mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Wired UK, among many other outlets.

In this broadcast, Mark Hayes and I talk about:

  • His early career and what motivated him to change career paths
  • How he transitioned into digital marketing and growth hacking
  • How Mark created his first successful growth hacking agency
  • The acquisition of his first agency
  • Strategies, principals, and considerations for creating and growing a new business,
  • How Mark developed the mission statement for his agency
  • How he selected the name (and why he rebranded to Rocketshp)
  • How Mark goes about pricing his agencies services: cost-based vs. value-based
  • How he built his client base from scratch
  • How Mark built his agency, including adding new staff and how that affects his overall business
  • Balancing between work and private life
  • How he uses Trello to organize, delegate, and monitor work for internal and external projects
  • The Ultimate Growth Hacking Sourcebook - the book that inspired "The Growth Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy"

How to find Mark online:

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