ITT 104: How to Become a Six-Figure Social Media Marketer with Matt Astifan

ITT 104 Matt Astifan In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes

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Matt Astifan

Matt Astifan is a self-proclaimed "failed Realtor" who turned into an internet marketing expert. He's been in the business for nearly ten years and is on the show today to talk about the model he used, and now teaches, to become a six-figure freelance social media marketer.

In this broadcast, Matt Astifan and I talk about:

  • How Matt went from being a failed realtor to an internet marketer
  • Why Matt's first clients were business coaches
  • How Matt made a month’s salary in one weekend
  • Should beginners use a performance-based pricing model?
  • The best niches for performance-based pricing models
  • How to scale your freelance social media marketing business to six figures
  • How your rate influences your potential clients’ opinions of you
  • Can Matt’s model apply to any freelance business?

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“I have this rule where I’ll only work with people that are far richer than I am.” - @MattsMedia

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