ITT 109: How to Create Friction Free Sales with Matt Fox

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Matt Fox - ITT 109: How to Create Friction Free Sales with Matt FoxMatt Fox is the founder of Friction Free Sales, the author of Friction Free Sales and Marketing, and the host of the Fail to Learn podcast. He's spent the past 20 years studying strategies and skills in persuasion and neurolinguistics, hypnosis, direct marketing, and much more. This conversation was so interesting that I'm determined to get Matt back on the show so we can dive even deeper!

In this broadcast, Matt Fox and I talk about:

  • How small shopping cart changes helped Matt’s client increase his conversions by 27%
  • Why a poor “bump offer” can sometimes cost you the entire sale
  • Do different audiences require different types and lengths of sales copy?
  • The core elements of an effective sales page
  • The three types of psychological resistance and how to overcome them
  • Are daily emails to your list really necessary?
  • Why scarcity isn’t always the best sales tactic
  • The importance of communication during the sales process

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“You’ve got to give at least a $10-12,000 presentation to get a $3,000 check.” - @Matthew03

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