ITT 069: How to Self-Publish with Matt Gartland

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Matt Gartland

Matt Gartland is the founder of, a creative agency that helps authors with the development of their books, podcast and other products. Matt specializes in digital content development at the nexus of web technologies, business thinking, editorial strategy, storytelling, and modern publishing.

What Matt Gartland and I talk about in this broadcast:

  • How he created ‘Winning Edits’ to be an intersection of good story telling and the digital experience
  • How one of his biggest challenges has been clearly communicating the value of professional editing
  • Matt talks about how the limits of his own time and the great demand for the work he was providing drove him to partner with other editors, who share his work ethic, to create ‘Winning Edits’
  • He gives us a helpful explanation of the three editing phases
    • Developmental Editing
    • Line Editing
    • Copy Editing
  • Matt discusses how referrals are the primary way in which he brings in new business
  • We talk about the hybrid nature of the publishing business, with the different aspects of self publishing and traditional publishing
  • Lastly, Matt gives some advice to self-publishers to think about
    • What will the structure of your book be?
    • How will your book flow?
    • Why are you writing this book?

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