ITT 106: How to Build A Business Beyond Being An Author with Matt Stone

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Matt Stone is the Founder of Buck Books and multiple other businesses. Several years ago, Matt realized the importance of building a business around his expertise and expanding his products beyond just books and this is what we're diving into today.

In this broadcast, Matt Stone and I talk about:

  • How Matt first started making money online using Clickbank
  • How Matt stands out in a competitive market
  • Why Matt feels it’s never been easier to make money online
  • Embracing a collaboration mindset instead of a competitive one
  • Matt’s ideal business model
  • The foundation of what it takes to start a business
  • The story behind the format of Matt’s new book

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“I still think sound business models still work better than just putting something up on somebody else’s platform and hoping it sells.” - @BuckBooksTweets

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