ITT 065: How to Hack Sales with Max Altschuler

65 Max Altschuler In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes
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1685b2fMax Altschuler is the founder of Sales Hacker Inc. and the author of “Hacking Sales” one of my personal favorite books on selling. He was the second business hire at, setting up their customer onboarding process. He pioneered some advanced growth hacks including technical web-scraping and figuring out how to access data to build massive lists of leads (which we talk about in today's interview).

What Max Altschuler and I talk about in this broadcast:

  • How to define your ideal customer
  • How to gather relevant information about your ideal customer
  • How to find your ideal customer
  • Why it’s important to discover (or create) hacks to help grow your business
  • How business development can work alongside sales hacking
  • How to develop the right mindset for sales
  • Following up and marketing to your ideal customer

Core message from Max’s book:

“Build, test, measure, and optimize – the more you can do that in your sales process, the better you’ll be.” - Max Altschuler

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