ITT 193 - Growth Through Culture

in the trenches EP 193 - ITT 193 - Growth Through Culture

Meny Hoffman is the Chief Executive Officer of Ptex Group, a marketing agency located in Brooklyn, NY, and a published business author. He is a lifelong entrepreneur who is passionate about collaborating with growing businesses to create winning strategies that yield hard-hitting results. More recently, Meny has fused his business development experience into the role of an angel investor. By investing in promising startups and walking them through the challenging journey of growth, Meny knows he’s fulfilling his entrepreneurial calling, while helping his fellow business people succeed.

In today’s conversation, I sit down with Meny Hoffman to talk about what it was like for him to build his agency from scratch and to be in business for close to a decade now in New York and still thriving. We dive into what it’s really like to bootstrap an agency, how he approaches hiring, his processes and systems for that, and how he gets the right employees on board in the right way. This is a particular interesting conversation for anybody who’s hiring, has staff or is thinking about going through the hiring process. My big takeaway from today’s conversation is that it’s hard work to grow any kind of successful organization, but hiring the right people may be a critical component to your success.

In this broadcast, Meny and I talk about:

  • Why is it important to start a business you are passionate about
  • How did Meny land his first client
  • What did Meny do when he found himself struggling to wear all the hats in his business
  • What positions were the first two that Meny filled
  • Why does it not matter what you’re selling to be successful
  • What is the most important asset that can make or break your business
  • What is the order of importance when it comes to a successful business
  • Why every person you hire should bring value to the company
  • Has Meny ever used a personality test for his employees
  • What are the three steps to Meny’s interview process
  • What is one of the mistakes that most companies make when conducting interviews
  • Why are KPI with metrics one dimensional
  • How you can develop a great company culture
  • Why you should have quarterly Q&As with your employees

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