ITT 199 - Authority Positioning with Podcasts with Michael Greenberg

in the trenches EP 199 - ITT 199 - Authority Positioning with Podcasts with Michael Greenberg

Michael Greenberg is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, founder of Gentleman of Technology and the CEO of Call for Content, a white label podcasting agency. In a nutshell, Call for Content helps agency owners book podcasts for their clients. Instead of going the typical straight to client approach, they sell their services to agencies who then resell the service to their existing clients. 

In today’s conversation, I sit down with Michael Greenberg to discuss all things podcasting. My big takeaway from today’s conversation is that if you already do client based work, you really should consider what a white label, B2B type structure would look like for you. This is especially helpful, if you are somebody who really likes the implementation side, but you struggle with the sales side. During this conversation, we really dive deep into how you can make money podcasting without dealing with the administrative side of things. Without further ado, let’s dive into the conversation!

In this broadcast, Michael and I talk about:

  • How Michael entered the business-to-business space
  • In what ways can clients take advantage of podcasts
  • Why Michael decided to productize podcasting for his clients
  • What agencies are ideal targets for his services
  • How to maintain relationships with agencies in the white label space
  • How Michael plans to scale in the podcasting community
  • In what ways you can apply authority marketing in podcasting
  • The shotgun approach v.s. Michael’s preferred laser focus type of marketing
  • The importance of recent and consistent appearances on podcasts for return of investment
  • Why you should shift your view of a podcast to a speaking engagement v.s. an audio blog
  • How engaging your podcast audience in an open ended conversation leads to growth by word of mouth
  • How to increase your amount of podcast downloads
  • Where Michael views the future of podcasting is heading
  • When to decide if moving to a paid subscription for a podcast would be beneficial for you

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