ITT 111: How to Succeed in Business While Others Fail with Michael Kawula

Michael Kawula In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes

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Michael Kawula is the CEO of Social Quant and has built several million dollar businesses over the course of his entrepreneurial career. Today, we're discussing why 90% of businesses fail within the first five years and how you can make sure it doesn't happen to you.

In this broadcast, Michael Kawula and I talk about:

  • Why 90% of companies fail in the first five years
  • Michael’s four ways to move your business forward
  • The #1 downfall for entrepreneurs
  • Should different types of businesses have different methods of growth?
  • Why you should be utilizing other peoples’ audiences
  • How to network properly on Twitter
  • How to connect with major influencers

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“I’m a big believer in imperfect action beats perfect inaction.” - @MikeKawula

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