ITT 223 - How to Grow and Sell an Online Company with Nathan Hirsch

in the trenches 223 nathan hirsch - ITT 223 - How to Grow and Sell an Online Company with Nathan Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and e-commerce. He is the founder and CEO of and the co-founder and COO of Portlight. Nathan is an expert at building efficient systems and processes, sales strategies, and business management. 

In today’s broadcast, Nathan Hirsch takes us behind-the-scenes of his acquisition and investment journey and he shares his bootstrap strategies to grow his business into a multimillion-dollar business in a little less than 4 years. 

In this broadcast, Nathan and I talk about:

  • How Nathan began his entrepreneurial journey using the Amazon Marketplace
  • Behind the scenes of Nathan’s acquisition journey
  • How Nathan figured out what to prioritize in his business
  • Where did Nathan know to put his effort when it came to software
  • Nathan’s strategies to get his business “sales” ready
  • The best rules of thumb when it comes to hiring developers
  • How you can make your business a business that someone wants to buy
  • The top 2 things Nathan had to invest in prior to the sale of his business
  • How Nathan made the decision to sell his business to the person who bought it

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