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Subscribe in iTunes | Download How to Promote Yourself to the Top How would you feel if I asked  you to talk about how great you are? My guess is, if you're like the majority of people in the world, you wouldn't feel very comfortable. According to Dan Schawbel, author of Promote Yourself and Me 2.0, this […]
Today’s episode of In The Trenches features Timothy Lawson of Veteran’s Empire and the founder of 1, 2 Many, a podcast series that tells the stories of veteran suicide. Tim’s story of working with Veteran’s Empire is an encouraging tale of how success stems from getting out there and doing work. Marine Lawson is completing his Broadcast Journalism degree at American University, while working with Veteran’s Empire and 1, 2 Many Soldier Suicides.
Subscribe in iTunes | Download Morning Brew in Kailua I first spotted Abstract Magazine in the wild when I was ordering a coffee from Morning Brew in Kailua Hawaii. Next to the counter was a small stand with a bunch of bright, hot pink magazines. The style was so bold I picked one up to browse […]
Antonio Diaz is the founder of Life &Thyme, a magazine devoted to telling the story of the people behind food. In today's episode you will learn: why you should start simple and worry about the core idea first (not monetization, which comes later); how a passion project ended up starting a profitable video production studio; the Power of a community and how to build one yourself; why meeting offline is so important to building a passionate group of supporters; how to find people to work with /collaborate with and why it's impossible to do everything yourself
Chad Grills is an entrepreneur, veteran, and author. We sit down to talk military transition, post traumatic GROWTH, and antifragile entrepreneurship, as well as how Chad crowdfunded and self-published his latest book.
Subscribe in iTunes | Download How to Validate a Minimum Viable Product with Cheryl Woodhouse If you've been following me for a while, you know I write about product development (starting, finishing, and shipping products and services) a lot. Part of the process for successfully shipping a product or service to market is making sure it will […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download Winning the Battle for Attention with Ryan Hanley How often do you find yourself competing for attention online? If you're a writer, artist, entrepreneur, or blogger, chances are a lot. It comes with the territory. There are millions of websites and our audiences' time and attention are limited. So the question is: how do […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download The Business of Giving No contracts. No selling. No price. That's how today's guest, Adrian Hoppel, a Philadelphia-based web designer, does "business." Instead, he simply gives his work away - as a gift - and expects nothing in return. Yet instead of being taken advantage of, Adrian's business has flourished. Last […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download Courage and Writing A lot of people have books in them... But how many take the time to actually write them? Enter: Dave Ursillo - a multi-published author and entrepreneur who helps creative self-starters live their leadership through artistry. Dave’s written 8 books, is the leader of the Literati Writers – a […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download How to Start a Major Festival from SCRATCH Have you ever wanted to start your own conference, festival, or event? You know, like TomCon, or the Morkes Festival? Me too. That's why I brought Stephen Ananicz onto In The Trenches today. Stephen is the cofounder of the The Key West Film […]
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