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Subscribe in iTunes | Download Courage and Writing A lot of people have books in them... But how many take the time to actually write them? Enter: Dave Ursillo - a multi-published author and entrepreneur who helps creative self-starters live their leadership through artistry. Dave’s written 8 books, is the leader of the Literati Writers – a […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download How to Start a Major Festival from SCRATCH Have you ever wanted to start your own conference, festival, or event? You know, like TomCon, or the Morkes Festival? Me too. That's why I brought Stephen Ananicz onto In The Trenches today. Stephen is the cofounder of the The Key West Film […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download Building a Tech Startup from the Ground Up. We all hear variations of the following phrases - ‘you need to work like a madman to be successful’ OR ‘you need to work hard…and then work harder to get what you want’ but what does that really mean? It’s easy to say […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download The Podcast Answer Man: Cliff Ravenscraft Have you ever been passionate about a pastime, but didn't think it could ever develop into anything more (like a business)? Maybe it's time to reevaluate your thinking. In today's broadcast of In The Trenches, I sit down with Cliff Ravenscraft, a man who turned […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download Jason Andrew Bond: Bestselling Author In today’s broadcast, I sit down with bestselling author, Jason Andrew Bond. Jason is a full time fiction writer who has written several novels and short stories.  His first novel, Hammerhead, has over 100 5-star reviews on Amazon (as of this writing), and hit best seller […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download Change is Good In today’s broadcast, I sit down with Ryan Delk – creative entrepreneur, networker extraordinaire and Lead Growth at Gumroad. If you’re not familiar with Gumroad, it’s the platform I use for all my products and allows me to make my products Pay What You Want (believe it or […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download Change Your Diet - Change Your Life Today’s guest is Jennifer Blanchard – a writer, creative wellness and writing coach, and all around creative entrepreneur. Jennifer helps entrepreneurs take their books from idea to draft, so they can grow their audience and propel their business to the next level, without fear, […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download Are You Ready to Ignite? Today’s guest is a massively successful podcaster, a U.S. Army veteran, and one of my major inspirations for creating my OWN podcast – John Lee Dumas. John is the Founder and Host of Entrepreneur On Fire, a daily podcast that interviews todays most inspiring and successful […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download Your Higher Purpose In today's interview, I talk with Dan about The Higher Purpose Project. It's an intensive training course designed to help you live a life of courage aligned with your highest values. It pretty much goes without saying that I support the project and encourage anyone interested to reach […]
Subscribe in iTunes | Download Prepare for the (smart business) Revolution... The White House, the California Governor’s Office, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley – these are some of the most well-known and most powerful places in the world – and John Corcoran’s worked in all of them. John is an attorney and small business advisor with the […]
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