ITT 136: How to Peacefully Run Your Business with Paul Jarvis

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Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis is a professional designer who’s been working for himself since the 90’s. His clients have included Microsoft, Mercedes, and Warner Music. In addition to being a designer, he’s also a prolific writer whose blog has been shared by influencers such as Ashton Kutcher and Ariana Huffington.

In this episode, Paul and I discuss a wide variety of topics including things like whether or business growth is a actually a good thing, why you should personalize your marketing, why you need to delete the comments sections from your blog, and much more!

In this broadcast, Paul Jarvis and I talk about:

  • Paul’s unusual perspective on business growth and why it’s not always a good thing
  • The reason loving the idea of something isn’t enough to pursue it
  • Why growth is the easy solution but not always the right one
  • The difference between working with team of people and having a team that works for you
  • The purpose Paul’s blog and newsletter serves in his business
  • Why you need to choose your audience just as they choose you
  • Why Paul says comments are “the worst thing to happen to the internet”
  • Paul’s tactics for using his newsletter to general almost all of his revenue
  • Does Paul prefer to sell evergreen products or use timed launches and closed cart tactics
  • Why you need to keep things as frictionless as possible

And so much more.

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Great quote from Paul Jarvis:

"If your boss sucks, and you’re the boss, you’ve got to figure that out internally." - @pjrvs

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