ITT 036: How to Build an Export Business with Rachel Glueck

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Amor-del-Diablo-OwnersToday's guest is Rachel Glueck, founded of El Amor Del Diablo, a Mexico-based mezcal company. Originally from the United States, Rachel met her now-husband and business partner in Mexico in 2012.

Rachel originally began experimenting with importing textiles to Baja, California,  that they wanted to sell in the market in Baja California. That's when she was invited to help sell mezcal. After seeing how well it sold, they decided to do start their company.

What you'll learn in today's broadcast:

  • Having never worked in an import / export business, Rachel shares her experience getting started
  • How Rachel approached their import business from a sales perspective
  • How Rachel found investors and handled the importation of mezcal into the United States (hint: it's not a very simple process)
  • The biggest struggles Rachel has dealt with thus far in her startup journey
  • How Rachel grew their following locally, organically and via a crowdfunding campaign.

Where you can find Rachel and El Amor Del Diablo online:

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